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A series of songs evocative of the spirit of old Lithuania.


Lithuania (Lietuva), was the last country in Europe to give up Paganism, although it still has devotees practising it.


Paganism in Lithuania was all about the celebration of Nature, the natural world and all plants and creatures in it.

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Available as complete CD or individual digital tracks from:
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1. Oi kas sodai da sodeliai


                      2. Koks ten lengvus poilsėlis


3. Oi dygo, augo žals pušynėlis


                     4. Kur tas šaltinėlis kur aš jaunas gėriau


5. Sėdžiu prie langelio, žiūriu pro langelį


                     6. Pasvarcyk antela tykiai plūkodama


7. Kur tas šaltinėlis

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