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Tasmanian Art

Tasmanian Art quarterly ART BEAT, a publication by the Launceston Art Society,

keeps good track of Tasmanian Artists, as well as featuring workshops by local  

and visiting established artists


The Society promotes exhibitions and workshops by local and visiting artist who

are experts in their field.


The LAS has been in existence for over 120 years, and – as the president has

pointed out-the society is a year older than the Collingwood Football Club!


An ongoing prize for Tasmanian Art is the Tasmanian Art Awards at Eskleigh .


Another now famous sponsor for Tasmanian Art is the Glover Prize for a Tasmanian

landscape. A great boost to the Tasmanian Art world was the opening of the MONA

gallery in the south of the state attracting local crowds as well as visitors from

interstate and overseas.


The Leoni Duff Gallery and the Wellington Street gallery, are among many featuring

local artists in the North of the State.


Local restaurants and coffee lounges have also started featuring Tasmanian Art and local artists.

Tasmanian Art Photography at the John Temple Gallery in Westbury is full of wonderful nature
scenes from the most beautiful parts of Tasmania, available large, or medium framed prints, to
post cards and fridge magnets.


Solely Tasmanian Art and Craft is featured in the Design Centre of Tasmania in Launceston.

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