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​*****   Music and art are expressions of thought. I’m not   speaking of technique but rather of a journey of the soul to an unknown destination. Irena’s works are just such journeys. She does not paint in order to evoke emotion but as a portrayal of her innermost thoughts as the work unfolds and as such her paintings have no predetermined end-points. In that sense, her work has a strong metaphysical dimension that ensures that every painting is a unique expression of an intimate inner story which is there to be
unravelled by the viewer. I believe that is what makes her work both exciting and challenging…it’s the knowing that you may never, ever ‘know’ for sure.
Not that technique is lacking… the universal laws of colour and form seem to be obeyed without conscious effort and with her expert use the ‘rubbing down’ technique are in a sense the ‘icing on the cake’.
I already own four of her paintings and I am confident that Irena will soon enjoy national acclaim. What else can be said except perhaps…” Watch this space”!
      Alan Coleman, Melbourne, Australia


***** Irena your work is stunning. The fire of the sun is so captured; the emotion of the power is engaging. Your cosmos work is mesmerizing and the landscapes evoke an almost Fauve playfulness. I wish you much success.​

Debra Rhodes Smith
Accredited Member, Appraisers Association of America

​*****  I've just looked at your web page. Your work is stunning!
I can' think of another word to express the degree of delight viewing it brought me.
I love the cosmos ones and all the rest. You are a very talented artist and deserve the recognition you seem to be receiving.

      Christopher J Irving

*****   From: Melva Truchanas
Thank you Irena.  Your colour and freedom is lovely –
I hope your exhibition is great.


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